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the trash pickup will be done before game time. >> reporter: and the folks at the police department will be working on super bowl sunday including the city's top cop. that's right. chief greg suhr will be patrolling the streets that day, as well. live here in san francisco, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> that's the future. today was ticket pickup day for the lucky 49er fans going to the super bowl. the winners were chosen at random from the team's season ticketholders. they had to pay $1,700 for a pair of tickets. one fan says despite the cost it's a priceless experience. >> i am jacked up trying to figure out all week whether to sell or keep them but all my friends are telling me i have to go, it's a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. i'm going. i don't care about the money. i'm a 9er fan, i'm going. >> you got go, you got to go.
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those who say they are going are getting there any way they can, some driving, some flying into neighboring states and driving to new orleans. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is getting his players ready for the trip. the team flies sunday. he says the players should savor the experience. >> i want them to enjoy it. i want them to enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. that's the most exciting thing to look forward to is -- is playing the game, that ball being kicked off and -- and, uhm, working together, fighting together, playing together for a chance to win a championship. >> the coach always so serious. >> very serious. >> he has a light side to him. >> i'm waiting to see when john and jim sit together next friday at the coaches press conference. [ laughter ] >> that could be potentially classic. huh? >> yeah. >> all right.
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so what do we know? the 49ers practiced today. they are going to practice saturday. they are scheduled to leave for the airport sunday at noon destination new orleans. we'll will be there to bring you the latest. one more week of hype before super bowl xlvii. now, how focused is 49ers tight end vernon davis? he said he is preparing this week as if the game is this sunday. coach jim harbaugh gave the team some great advice heading into next week in new orleans. >> just don't get caught up in everything that's down in new orleans. that's what he told me as well as the team. there is going to be a lot of distractions down there and we are well aware of that. >> able to leak out for the easy touchdown. >> driving home last night and, you know, i was on the phone with my business advisor and he was talking to me like the game was tomorrow and i was like hold up, man, just wait a little bit. just wait. so i was getting excited. but this is definitely a great
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time for us. >> reporter: all right. so coming up, after our 6:00 newscast, i'm telling you, we are not fooling around! we have a special hour-long super bowl edition of "49er preview," everything you need to know leading up to super bowl sunday february 3rd right here on cbs 5. and if you love the 49ers, i'm telling you, you have to watch this show. >> this is the official unofficial kickoff. >> this is it. >> all right, vern. we'll be watching. thank you. [ applause ] >> remember, we are your destination for all things 9ers. log on to our website, for the latest 49ers news, our guide to kaepernicking and to find out what our enemy is up to i baltimore. some virtual threats landed a bay area middle schooler in some real trouble. police arrested the suspected cyberbully and cbs 5 reporter mark sayre tells us the teen is
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facing some serious charges. mark. reporter: well, ken, cyberbullying is using communication technology with the intent to harm others and even though this particular incident occurred off campus both morgan hill police and school distribute officials are investigating. reporter: as school ends for the day at briton middle school students head for home it was off campus earlier this week that two 13-year-old students were first shot with an air soft pellet gun by a fellow 14-year-old student. a morgan hill police school resource officer found the older student on campus and told them the bullying must stop. >> the child agreed that he would stop, and apologized for his actions and no later than that night he went home and got on social media and started bullying the victim minor again. >> reporter: that's when police again got involved citing the 14-year-old not only for battery but also for cyberbullying. >> we take all incidents of cyberbullying seriously.
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>> reporter: the principal is now sending a message to parents on the school district's auto dialer system in part saying, the school will work with law enforcement in incidents of student safety when incidents off campus affect school climate. parents say cyberbullying is a serious problem and they are glad police and school officials are involved. >> it's terrible when it happens on the playground. but once a kid goes home, he should feel safe. and, you know, if you can't feel safe at home, what do you have? >> with the internet and instagram and facebook, a lot of kids don't have the policing or discipline at home to really send them down the right path. >> reporter: now, police are not releasing the names of the victims or the suspect in this case because all involved are minors. the 14-year-old was technically arrested although he did not have to go to juvenile hall. he will have to appear before a
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juvenile judge. mark sayre cbs 5. checking other bay area headlines, an alameda county sheriff's deputy shot and wounded a man who charged at officers with a 12" knife. it happened this morning in dublin on frederiksen lane. the suspect's dad called 911 saying his son was acting strange. san jose police officers are looking for several suspects in connection with a deadly stabbing. it happened last night outside an apartment complex in the kenwood neighborhood. the victim was a man in his 30s. this marks the city's third murder of the year. in san mateo, state senator jerry hill is introducing a new bill that would allow the department of fish & game to rescue injured or orphaned mountain lions when humans are not at risk. the animals would be rehabilitated and relocated. right now, the law allows any lion that comes into human contact to be killed. rehabilitation of big cats is illegal in california. the crews are working hard to get a bay bridge tower back
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to how it's supposed to be. an oil tanker sideswiped the bridge causing some damage. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran says the repairs are on schedule and expected to stay that way. >> reporter: there's still a lot of work to be done on the damaged fender but caltrans says the priority is to removed the damage section of it -- the damaged section of it, all 47 feet. on our boat tour of that bay bridge fender we saw caltrans taking away sections of debris. there are several layers to the fender from the wood exterior to the steel and concrete. these repairs came after that oil tanker, the overseas reymar, sideswiped the bridge earlier in month. caltrans says it will take a week to get rid of all the debris. the whole process of preparing the fender -- repairing the fender will take 4.5 months. >> it will be a complex process. this is a big structure. but we have a good team at work on it, and we know things are
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going to be pretty much according to schedule. >> reporter: the estimated cost to fix the bridge is anywhere between $2 million to $3 million. but again, that's just an estimate. that number could change as they continue repair work on that fender. in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. flu season in full swing on the west coast. the new recommendations for patients even if they have already had the flu shot. >> and the 9ers post workout routine. it's a key to keeping players healthy. >> drink it. >> dr. kim goes inside the 49ers locker room to find out the secret ingredient to the 9ers workout recovery. >> we recovered about 10 degrees weather-wise today nothing on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. some of you hit the 60s. let's take a live peek outside. gorgeous shot, the moon, the bridge, the bay. how about the change in our forecast this weekend? that's coming up. >> i just want to say good
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luck, 49ers, and try to win the -- [ pause ] >> what? >> win the "har-bowl"! >> win the hard bomber. [ laughter ]
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swing on the west coast. and, while things are leveling off i the flu outbreak is in full swing on the west coast right here in our station as well and while things are leveling off in most places, cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us that several states are still showing high levels of flu activity. reporter: the u.s. flu outbreak is leveling off. the centers for disease control now says 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity down from 48 last week. cases are still on the rise along the west coast and more than half of the country is still getting hit hard. >> we're still having lots of patients come in with flu-like symptoms. >> reporter: the emergency
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rooms are packed with patients seeking flu treatments. >> it may take longer to be seen or treated because there's a large number of patients. >> reporter: health officials here in new york and other hard- hit areas recommend that people who are 65 and older go straight to the doctor if they are suffering flu symptoms even if they have had a flu shot. >> its just so weak and every part of your body hurts and aches. it's really a terrible thing. >> reporter: 71-year-old joe gleba spent a week in the hospital for the flu. his home was destroyed in superstorm sandy. he was living in a hotel when the bug slammed him. >> it's like every sickness you have ever had in your life and put it together. >> reporter: this year's strain of the flu was taking a heavy toll on the elderly. seniors account for 90% of all flu-related deaths so they are being warned to be extra careful. randall pinkston cbs news, new york. we're on the super bowl ticket trail. where the tickets are ending up
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and when prices may actually go down. >> then, proud papa. his son is one of the hottest athletes in the world. colin kaepernick's dad talks about his boy's meteoric rise. >> hey, colin and crew, beat the ravens, baby. good luck. >> go, 49ers, ra, ra, ra. the whole bay area is cheering for you!
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yeah, you spend money getting to super bowl and you'll spend money when you get there. 9ers fans will have a brand-new nfl shop to spend some big bucks in while in new orleans next weekend. today city officials cut the ribbon for the new convention center in new orleans. the center will houses the 60,000-square-foot nfl shop for the super bowl. how about that? wasn't that timing perfect? the convention center will also play host to the nfl experience where fans will get to go through drills and meet players and go through a referee clinic. >> the big easy is gearing up to kick off the first major parade weekend of the carnaval season. 11 parades are rolling a week early to make way for the super
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bowl next sunday. the schedule change has created big headaches as you can imagine and some logistical nightmares as well for the parade organizers and businesses in the area. but the crews say its all worth it to parade in new orleans. >> and more tickets to the super bowl are hitting the market just hours after the 9ers distributed their tickets to select fans. but the nfl is warning be careful before you buy. >> going to the super bowl, whoo! >> i'm kaepernicking right now. reporter: they may be blue but these tickets are as good as gold. a group of lucky season ticketholders chosen by lottery won the right to pay $600 to $1,200 per ticket for next weekend's game. and many said that's a bargain. >> it's worth it because we have never been to the super bowl so it will be the first time. >> reporter: if they wanted to sell them these folks could make serious dough. super bowl tickets are going for several times face value on resale sites like stubhub which right now has about 3,000
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tickets for sale. but prices are expected to fluctuate in the next eight days. >> as you start getting into the beginning of next week, prices will definitely rise. and as you get to thursday, friday, you will see prices start dipping again and as you get into saturday and sunday, in all likelihood you will see prices really decline. >> reporter: with so much money at stake, the nfl is warning ticket buyers to beware of counterfeiters. check the security features on the back like this hologram on the top and this heat sensitive star on the bottom that disappears when you rub it. something these fans don't have to worry about. their only concern? getting to new orleans. >> we have hotel reservations, the car plan, the airline flights. we are going down to support the team. >> stubhub is tracking who is buying tickets this year. turns out they are -- there are more of those tickets being sold to fans in california than baltimore and that could mean that we'll see more 9ers than ravens fans in the stadium next sunday. >> we'll have to see. colin kaepernick's parents are sharing a little insight on the
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starting quarterback's quirks. his parents rick and teresa say the 49er gunslinger is a passionate player who loves to play, loves to win and don't worry about any pre-game jitters. >> it's what he has been doing. i have heard him saying it, i have been doing this for 17 years, why would i be nervous? >> he was a competitive kid who also excelled in baseball but they let him decide what direction to take. a bay area t-shirt company is getting on board the k train. graphic sportswear in san francisco is cranking out kaepernick shirts for the masses and the company licensing the t-shirts says sales will reach into the tens of thousands. >> we want to sell 15, 20, 30,000 of them i think. that's how hot he is. >> he says they are still looking for places to sell the shirt. so far you can only get them at
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[ indiscernible ] not really quite sure -- [ indiscernible ] >> supermarket and coast guard bases. >> of course. >> that would have been my first check. >> standard to me. all week we have been featuring your photos, showcasing your 49ers pride. look at some of the ones we have today: ding your fan photos t ws at k-p-i-x dot co upload them to cbs com. and please be sure to include your hometow keep sending us those fan photos to or upload them to our website, please be sure to include your hometown. we'll air as many as we can from now until the super bowl. we only have a couple of thousand. we need tens of thousands. hundreds of thousands of photos. >> find photos of nearby coast
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guard bases. >> take some of your own. >> a baseball season feel to the air today. it was pretty mild out for a lot of folks. we went from rainy yesterday to sunny today and with that sunshine southerly flow some of you at 66, 67 degrees not exactly super bowl weather but we'll take it. changes coming tomorrow. we are cloudier there but you hit the mid-60s in milpitas and also san jose looking live over the city of san jose currently. we'll also take you to our oakland cam looking back across the bay towards san francisco. look at these temperatures. san francisco is 62. oakland 64. 60 for livermore, san jose and santa rosa and no showers this afternoon compared to yesterday. why? that pesky low pressure system area that gave us the rainfall yesterday is gone it took the rain south with it. southern california getting poured on right now but not us. oakland tonight partly cloudy 46. concord 43. in the city tonight, 48 degrees.
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upper level low pressure areas like to do what them. yesterday it stayed close enough to us to give us the rain showers. today it's marching down to the south. look at all that heavy rainfall for san diego and also los angeles are flood advisories around l.a. because of the heavy rainfall. a weak front north of us. most of us won't see rain. but all of us will get cooler air behind the front. so the front gets here this weekend. you have a slight chance of shower especially on sunday morning. but the 60s are gone replaced by the low to mid-50s by sunday and even when the sunshine comes back courtesy of this area of high pressure, the northerly flow wrapping around the high will mean cold nights, lows in the 30s, and we'll have highs only in the 50s next monday, tuesday and wednesday. so cooler air moving in starting tomorrow. so if you enjoyed today hope you got outside to enjoy it because tomorrow will be chillier. slight chance of a weekend shower best chance early on sunday and next week we get the sunshine but clear skies. nights will be chilly.
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extended forecast, there's your 50s. san francisco 56. san jose 58. the average in san jose is 60. sunnyvale 58. redwood city 57. vallejo 56. pleasanton 50s. mill valley 57. richmond 58. san francisco tomorrow 56 degrees. so we are trending cooler, slight chance of that morning shower on sunday. low 50s. and it's all about the sunshine next week as we gear up for the super bowl. you need your sunglasses, as well. we'll be back to the 60s but not until next thursday. not a bad forecast. >> off and on but yeah, looking good. >> more off than on for the rainfall for the next week. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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sleep ♪ repair and rebuild muscle.. as they prepare for the super bowl. dr kim mulvihi e of the team's re well, the 49ers have a tool in their arsenal to repair and rebuild muscle as they prepare for the super bowl. >> dr. kim mulvihill gives us a taste of the team's recovery drink. reporter: after practice,
5:24 pm
the 9ers hit the locker room and what's waiting for them? >> how is it? >> it's pretty cool. >> reporter: icy cold drinks. >> beverage drink. [ indiscernible ] drink it. >> it's some sort of fruit smoothie and protein powder. >> definitely need more protein. they are coming off the field go to the chocolate milk. >> reporter: this sports nutritionist says adding protein after a workout is a really smart move. >> pretty incredible stuff they are looking at at the genetic level. >> reporter: you have a 30- minute window post-workout to replenish your glycogen stores and speed recovery. >> a small amount of protein right after exercise, boom, turns on the genetic software so to speak of the muscle. >> reporter: also important, water. >> you know, the muscle is 65% water and people think it's all protein but it's actually 65% water. you need to make sure that they are well hydrated before, during and after practice. >> reporter: back in the locker
5:25 pm
room, you have a choice. thank you. cheers. a fruit shake or a chocolate one. >> that one has protein in it as well just a little more calories. >> reporter: while we didn't know what else is in the drink -- >> they're pretty good. >> reporter: -- it tastes good. >> what channel is this going to be on? >> reporter: channel a. >> wahoo! >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch.
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it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ ♪
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how the problem among san francisco restaurants is even worse than we thought. it's an update new at 6:00 tonight, collecting cash from customers and keeping it from employees. it's an update to a story cbs 5 first reported. and then what would you do if nature determined your profits? how tahoe resorts are going high-tech so revenue doesn't freeze when there's no snow. those stories and much more coming up at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, the stock market's amazing recovery. five years after the meltdown, the s&p 500 is back near its peak. anthony mason on what's driving stocks higher. team of rivals: the president
5:29 pm
sits down with "60 minutes" and insists his secretary of state and one-time opponent be with him. >> why did you want to do this together? >> pelley: steve kroft has the interview. analysis from bob schieffer. the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency says lance armstrong has not come clean. he suggested that cycling in those years was a level playing field because everyone did it. he wasn't doing anything special. >> it's just simply not true. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road." their burden was heavy but their yolks have made it lighter. ade it captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. five years after the financial meltdown, money is pouring back into the stock market. have a look at what's happened: the benchmark s&p 500 closed above 1500 today for the first
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